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Our Pricing System

Our pricing process is designed in accordance with the nuanced and multi-faceted work required with academic editing and data analysis. Unlike most online academic editing and statistics services, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to pricing. Our quotes are generated based on the particular needs of your project. For every editing order, we make a careful assessment of your document and provide a quote that directly correlates with the actual work your document requires. Similarly, with Statistics, we thoughtfully review your methodology, research questions, and analysis plan (if you already have one) to determine the specific analytical needs of your project.

We also offer retainer options for clients who anticipate long-term work with us. Read about our retainer packages. 

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Our Rates



Our quotes are generated based on the particular needs of the document to be edited. We develop our quotes through a detailed count of the editing requirements and formatting elements of each specific project. We begin with the prose word count multiplied by the rate for the chosen level of editing. The cost of editing/formatting references, footnotes, tables, figures, front matter, table of contents, lists of tables and figures, etc. is added, as applicable. Therefore, there is no overall fee for editing. The quote that we provide is completely dependent on the amount of work your document requires and the time it will take to carry out that work.

If our offer of services and quote do not meet your needs (or budget), we will do our best to customise them accordingly. Payment plans are available upon request. We are flexible and happy to work with our clients to provide our services at affordable prices.


Standard Rates for Prose

Note: The rates listed below are provided as a general guideline. Since every order is unique, we will need to review the specifics of your project before determining the cost.



Our editors ensure all objective errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation are corrected. This service is most commonly used by students or scholars seeking a final technical polish of a document before it is submitted.

  • Standard Rate: £0.013/word–£0.020/word 


Copy Editing

With this service, our editors ensure both objective errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.) and “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors in academic style, voice, clarity, diction, and sentence-level flow are corrected

  • Standard Rate: £0.020/word–£0.028/word


Line Editing

With this service, our editors ensure that objective errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation) as well as “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors, style, voice, clarity, diction, and flow are corrected. In addition, this service includes a critical review of your writing, the strength of your argument, the structure of your paper, constructive feedback, and concrete suggestions to help further develop your writing. This is our most popular service and is suitable for most rough drafts.

  •  Standard Rate: £0.028/word–£0.040/word


Heavy Developmental Editing

This service is designed for those who struggle with writing. The editor corrects all objective errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation), as well as “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors (style, voice, clarity, diction, flow), and also critically analyses your document in order to provide written feedback and concrete suggestions for further development of your argument, organization, and writing.

  •  Standard Rate: £0.04/word–£0.06/word



General formatting is included in the fees for prose editing and includes necessary adjustments to spacing, margins, in-text citations, indentations, and typeface. Additional formatting elements such as references, tables, figures, table of contents, lists of tables and figures, and other typographical issues pertaining to a particular manual of style are priced separately.


Please feel free to contact us and to send your document for a free quote.


Coaching and Consultation

A consultation or a coaching session with your editor are ordered and billed by the hour. The base fee is £90 per hour. If you would like your editor to read any documents in advance, a proportionate reading fee will also be included in the charge. If your consultation is included in a package with your editing order, the reading fee does not apply. Discounts are available on consultation packages of 5 hours or more. Below is the list of our most frequently ordered options:

  • Single Consultation: 1 hour at £90.
  • Package of 5 Consultations: 5 hours at £85 per hour.
  • Package of 10 Consultation: 10 hours at $£80 per hour.
  • Package of 20 Consultation: 20 hours at £70 per hour.



Research Assistance

We provide research assistance for graduate students in the form of an annotated bibliography. The annotated bibliography can help you identify gaps in the literature. Your editor will select a collection of peer-reviewed sources relevant to your project and will write a 150-word summary of each study, including an explanation of how each source relates to your project. Rates for our annotated bibliography service begin at £50 per source, with discounts on larger orders. The following options are the most frequently ordered packages:

  • 10 Source Annotated Bibliography: £400.00.
  • 20 Source Annotated Bibliography: £750.00.
  • 30 Source Annotated Bibliography: £1,100.00.
  • 40 Source Annotated Bibliography: £1,400.00.
  • 60 Source Annotated Bibliography: $2,000.00.



Both our qualitative and quantitative analysis quotes are developed based on a thorough review of the data, research questions, and scope of the project. Some clients who need quantitative analysis services simply require one specific analysis to be conducted, while others require varying degrees of support in understanding and interpreting their analysis and results. Therefore, we offer three different levels of service in order to meet the needs of our diverse clientele: Basic, Standard, and Full Support. If you are unsure as to which service you may need, please give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss your options with you.


Qualitative Analyses

The rates for qualitative analyses are based on the size and scope of your project. Please send us your qualitative data and an updated draft of your dissertation for a free quote.


Quantitative Analyses

Below you will find a list of the most commonly requested quantitative analyses and their associated prices. These costs are for the analysis of a well-cleaned data set with clearly operationalized research questions.

Basic Package

Our basic package is for clients who have a complete understanding of the analysis they are requesting, whose data meet the required assumptions, and who have the ability to understand the results without assistance. Please be sure to visit our FAQ page before purchasing a package.

  • T-test: £100
  • Paired t-test: £100
  • Chi-square test (4×4): £170
  • ANOVA (3 levels): £240
  • ANCOVA (1 Covariate): £360
  • MANOVA (2 DV, 3 IV): £480
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA (3 interventions/time points): £240
  • Factor Analysis: £90/ hour spent
  • Cluster Analysis: £90/ hour spent
  • Power Analysis: £95
  • Linear Regression (single IV): £140 + £70 per additional IV
  • Logistic Regression (single IV): £140 + £70 per additional IV
  • Correlation (2×2 matrix): £50 + £25 per additional variable
  • Mann-Whitney test: £140
  • Kruskal-Wallis test: £140
  • Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks test: £140
  • McNemar’s Test: £120
  • Friedman’s Test: £240
  • Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): £90/ hour spent


Standard Package

Below you will find information on our standard analyses and their corresponding prices. Our standard analyses options include all services provided in the basic analysis package, with the addition of two hours of dedicated time with your statistician. With our standard analysis services, we assume that you have properly developed and operationalized research questions and data for the analysis you request. If you need help with your research questions, data, or analysis selection you may use your two hours of dedicated statistician time for that purpose. This time with your statistician can include a consultation, via phone, or be used to complete additional work requests, to explain and summarise your results in writing, or for any combination of these activities. Please be sure to visit our FAQ page before purchasing a package. A list of our most common standard analyses and their prices is presented below:

  • T-test: £310
  • Paired t-test: £310
  • Chi-square test (4×4): £380
  • ANOVA (3 levels): £450
  • ANCOVA (1 Covariate): £570
  • MANOVA (2 DV, 3 IV): £690
  • Repeated Measures ANOVA (3 interventions/time points): £450
  • Factor Analysis: £200 + £90/ hour
  • Cluster Analysis: £200 + £90/ hour
  • Power Analysis: £190
  • Linear Regression (single IV): £350 + £70 per additional IV
  • Logistic Regression (single IV): £350 + £70 per additional IV
  • Correlation (2×2 matrix): £250 + £30 per additional variable
  • Mann-Whitney test: £350
  • Kruskal-Wallis test: £350
  • Wilcoxon Signed-Ranks test: £350
  • McNemar’s Test: £330
  • Friedman’s Test: £450
  • Structural Equation Modeling (SEM): £210 + £90/hour


Full Support 

  •  Analysis Planning and Full Analysis Comprehensive Service £2,800*

This package includes the full analysis planning package where our statistician will read through your document and other materials and then focus on your research questions and hypotheses, prior to the development of an analysis plan. During this process your statistician will assign variables or groups of variables to every concept you refer to in your research questions and specific analyses to each relationship between concepts you wish to test. Once the analysis plan is complete, a consultation with your statistician will be scheduled so you can discuss the analysis plan and ask any questions you have prior to moving forward with the analysis.

Next, your statistician will go forward and conduct the analyses determined in the analysis plan. The statistician will assess the descriptive statistics, assumptions of your analyses, and analyses. After that, your statistician will create a written interpretation guide, a bullet-pointed guide to helping you understand the results of the analysis in terms of your research questions. This will include the relevant tables, graphs, and figures. You will then also have a follow up call with your statistician to walk you through the results and any questions you have going forward.

Additionally, you will have two extra follow up calls that can be used at any point throughout the package. Most commonly they are used to ask additional questions as you draft your Results chapter or to prepare for the oral defense.


* PLEASE NOTE: The Comprehensive Service package cannot be used for the following types of Data Analysis:

  • Structural Equation Modeling based analyses (including but not limited to Structural Equation Modeling, Confirmatory Factor Analysis, Path Analysis, Growth Curve models)

  • Projects with more than 3 research questions, or additional analyses not included in the analysis plan or those not requested prior to completion of the analysis.

*Please contact our Stats Team if your project has more than 3 research questions for a custom package

  • Qualitative Analysis or Mixed Methods

  • Follow up analyses (i.e. post hoc tests, nonparametric tests) or table/figure/charts that accompany the initial planned analyses are included as long as they are within the parameters of the initial analyses and not new tests.

  • Follow up analyses and update requests can be requested for 30 days after the analysis has been completed.


* Please also note that our data analysis services do not include results delivered in specific formatting, nor does it include formatting or editing any chapters or other writing.


Is your project unique?

Please call us to discuss your specific needs. We will be happy to accommodate your needs and provide you with a quote on the same day.


Need a “budget” option?

You can save money by taking advantage of our generous referral rewards program, by purchasing a retainer agreement, or by taking advantage of our bulk packages. If you have financial difficulties let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

My statistician, Dr. Williams, helped me think through some of the challenges I've been having with the analyses, provided some helpful resources, and gave me a big boost of confidence. Dr. Williams and Dr. Leach were both very accommodating given my tight deadline. I really appreciated their support.