Document Review Service

Our document review service is designed for students who have a draft of their methodology, results, and/or discussion chapter, but wants help to make sure what they have written is thorough, accurate, and in line with the study’s purpose.

As part of our document review service, our statistician will read through your documents in detail in order to familiarize themselves with your project and your topic. Your statistician will then provide written feedback throughout the document. Your statistician will check for appropriate use of methods, thorough presentation of your results, and ensure you have interpreted your results correctly. If necessary, they can also provide feedback on how to determine the appropriate sample size and effect sizes for your study, ensure your research questions are testable, clear, and in line with your study’s purpose, and your methodology is appropriate to answer the proposed research questions.


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Before you start collecting data, it is important to ensure that you will be able to answer your research questions using the methods you have proposed.

Dr. Jennifer Pollan
Managing Editor

My statistician, Dr. Williams, helped me think through some of the challenges I've been having with the analyses, provided some helpful resources, and gave me a big boost of confidence. Dr. Williams and Dr. Leach were both very accommodating given my tight deadline. I really appreciated their support.