Heavy Developmental Editing Service

Our heavy editing includes everything involved in our line editing service, but in addition, this service provides special attention reserved for students facing additional difficulties. This service is ideal for ESL students, students receiving a large volume of feedback from their supervisors that they need assistance working through, and other similar situations. If you think you’ll need heavy developmental editing, please let us know.

Many students have fantastic research ideas, but struggle with writing. This should not stop them from conducting research and sharing those ideas with the world.

Dr. Allen Roda

Heavy Developmental Editing:

  1. Corrects objective errors: grammar, spelling, and punctuation

  2. Corrects stylistic or rhetorical errors: style, voice, clarity, diction, and flow

  3. Conducts a critical review of your document and offers constructive feedback and concrete suggestions that will help improve your writing and your document


As with all our editing services, heavy developmental editing fees are based on the word count of the document. For details about our pricing methods, please refer to our rates and pricing page.

See a sample of our heavy developmental editing services.

I was struggling with the incorporation of tables and figures into my thesis and my university provided no help. I found Thesis Editor by accident; I would recommend their service to anyone in similar difficulties.  They not only assisted with tables and figures but also with formatting according to UK requirements (I am an American non-resident student).  The response time was excellent and Dr. Dawn Leach always met strict deadlines.  Altogether an excellent way to get help with the details of the dissertation process.

- Ian D. , PhD FSA MAAA

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