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In the shifting landscape of writing and research, many doctorates and professionals are looking to diversify beyond traditional academic audiences and reach new readers to develop new conversations around their work. Our team at Thesis Editor is uniquely qualified to help you reach a wider audience.

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So many students, professionals, and aspiring writers harbor hopes of one day publishing a book. Whether you are writing for a conventional academic audience or the broader public, we would be honored to help you make that dream a reality!

Dr. Allen Roda

Support for a Variety of Publication Goals

All of our editing, formatting, consultation, and data analysis services are available to those pursuing publication projects. For those seeking to publish their writing and research in traditional academic outlets, such as a peer-reviewed journal, these services can be tailored to meet the requirements of the target publication. Read about our services here.

We also provide additional commercial publication services to those in trade and self-publication, outside of academia, including branding, design, and ghostwriting. Our book projects in this vein include technical manuals, self-help books, personal memoirs, and management guides for business and education. Please note that, in accordance with our strict Academic Integrity Policy, we do not under any circumstances provide ghostwriting services for projects intended for traditional academic outlets or career track.


Academic Publication


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Distilling potentially hundreds of pages of dissertation into a 16 to 25 page journal article can be intimidating, especially for those with limited experience publishing their work and with little support. We offer a variety of editing, coaching, and formatting services to help you reach your goals. Click here for a full overview of our academic editing services


After reading your entire thesis, from cover to cover, you and your editor will meet for a one-on-one consultation to collaboratively develop an article outline and writing plan. Once your draft is complete, a second editor on our team will review the article to make sure it is completely error free and conforms to the submission guidelines of the selected journal.


Our editors know what it takes to get a journal article published. While we can’t guarantee acceptance, we can guarantee an article manuscript, which will adhere to all submission requirements in all technical aspects.

For more information, please contact us or submit your materials for review.


Support in Publishing your Data

We frequently partner with researchers, developers, labs, and institutions to help them get their data out to the public domain. If your institution, foundation, or private practice has produced raw data and wishes to partner with a writing team to disseminate that data, our team of statisticians, editors, and writers can help turn your material into publishable work. For more information about that process, please contact us.


From the Academic World to the Wider Public

The thought of transforming your thesis into a publishable book can be daunting, to say the least. While a book will retain the same arguments and findings as your dissertation, major revisions will be necessary to ensure that your manuscript is compelling and accessible to a wider audience.

Our editors and ghostwriters are skilled at reworking rigid scholarly text into captivating prose that is not only publishable, but can be shared with and enjoyed by your colleagues, friends, and family.


Books that Are both Scholarly and Accessible

At Thesis Editor, all of our ghostwriters are both academics, as well as gifted creative writers. We believe this niche of editors is ideal for converting a dissertation into a book. If an editor is unable to make the book appeal to a broader audience or is overly technical in their approach, the book may end up having a rigid composition that very few people will want to read. A purely creative editor, without an academic background, may struggle with accurately synthesizing complex concepts from a dissertation into a book.

All of our thesis-to-book editors and ghost writers are PhD-educated researchers, academics, and talented wordsmiths.


Flexible Process

We work with our clients in a variety of ways to turn theses into compelling books. First, we review and discuss the clients’ thesis, in detail, to determine the most effective plan of action, based on budget and individual needs. Our services range from more basic editing to completely re-writing the thesis and turning it into a book.

Our Service Include (but are not limited to):

  • Removing, rewriting, or clarifying specialised terms
  • Formatting and typesetting per various academic and non-academic presses
  • Restructuring content to make it more readable and accessible
  • Revisions to tone, voice, flow, and more
  • Rewriting existing content
  • Ghostwriting new content

I was struggling with the incorporation of tables and figures into my thesis and my university provided no help. I found Thesis Editor by accident; I would recommend their service to anyone in similar difficulties.  They not only assisted with tables and figures but also with formatting according to UK requirements (I am an American non-resident student).  The response time was excellent and Dr. Dawn Leach always met strict deadlines.  Altogether an excellent way to get help with the details of the dissertation process.

- Ian D. , PhD FSA MAAA

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