There are a lot of wonderful things going on here at Thesis Editor, and we wanted to share some with you, our blog readers. In this field, we’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of students from all kinds of backgrounds, at all sorts of schools, in nearly every subject field imaginable. We’ve worked with teenagers polishing their college application essays and 90-something adults finishing their doctorate because it was on their bucket list. Although our official business is academic editing, you could say our unofficial business is people. The relationships we’ve built with our clients stay with us, and we’ve been honoured to be asked to walk with you along your path.

And sometimes a short journey together blossoms into something more. We had the opportunity to work with a student (Kevin T.) in the DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) program at the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business. He was doing his dissertation, and we provided editing and formatting assistance. He was so pleased with our services that he told his professors about us. He wrote:

“ did an exceptional job improving and strengthening my doctoral dissertation and ultimately leading me to a successful defense.  Their highly qualified professionals were thorough and quick to generate quality feedback that greatly improved my dissertation committee coordination and accelerated my defense timeline.  I very much appreciate their help!”

His endorsement of our work led to us working with many of the other students in his cohort. Ultimately, Dr. Grandon Gill invited our very own Dr. Roda to visit USF for the inaugural research weekend for the 2019 DBA academic year. 

What is a DBA?

More than likely, you’ve heard of an MBA. For decades, if you went to business school for graduate school, you were going for an MBA. Now there are several degree options: MBA, PhD, and DBA. A DBA is a Doctor of Business Administration, and when they first came about, were usually sought by those wanting qualifications to do research and teach at business schools. Some, like the one at USF, are specifically geared toward those who are working professionals with substantial experience already. The newer programs created with established professionals in mind typically provide students with the skills, knowledge, and tools to pursue research and then apply those findings to real-world issues within their field. They are designed with executive level business people in mind as opposed to up and coming students.

This is in contrast to a PhD, which typically focuses on academic research careers or academia.

Dr. Roda and USF

When Dr. Roda went down to USF, he had the opportunity to hear about their unique program, which is nationally ranked. He met the students, who impressed him with their substantial achievements and business knowledge. He discussed various ways in which Thesis Editor can help them with their research from editing and formatting, to research assistance, transcription, and statistical analysis. For students who are going to graduate school while juggling impressive careers (as illustrated by the students at USF MCB), getting help with your dissertation is vital to moving through the process quickly and effectively.

Muma College of Business

Dr. Roda also spent time with various members of the administration, including the program director Matthew Mullarkey and the Dean of the Business School, Dr. Moez Limayem. It was an honor to be part of the weekend, and we are proud to share that Thesis Editor is an approved vendor for dissertation assistance with the University of South Florida’s Muma College of Business. We look forward to working with all of their students to edit and format their dissertations as they move through the final stages of their program!

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Initially I had trouble writing my Project scope for my DBA  as I have an undergraduate in English and an MBA which meant I could write essays at a business report level but not a doctorate level. I reached out to Dr Leach at a Thesis Editor and she spoke with me over the phone several times trying to understand what I needed. She also put together a quick turnaround package as my deadline was very close by. Ultimately, she scheduled an appointment with an editor with many years of experience who guided me back onto the right path. My supervisors at university had only helped me a little but the Thesis Editor team have supported me entirely. I am not only grateful but will be working with Thesis Editor for the entirety of my DBA - the next 4 years. Thank you Dr Leach and thank you to the Thesis Editor team for a wonderful experience.

- Rahil Ghazni MBA , Director of Sanctuary Law and Fast Track Training

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