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The quality of your writing (in terms of style, grammar, lack of typos, etc), the structure of your argument, and consistency with formatting is a large part of what makes a paper presentable and reputable in the academic world.

Dr. Dawn Leach, Director of Operations

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Timely and Reliable Academic Services

All of our editors are published doctorates who understand the nuances involved in the thesis process, publishing, and research. We offer timely and reliable academic services, all by PhD-educated editors, to ensure that your material is well written, properly formatted, and ultimately approved by your committee or reviewers. 

Academic writing can be arduous and frustrating. Supervisors are often slow to offer feedback on students’ papers and one’s committees’ or reviewers' expectations can appear vague or inconsistent. Most of our editorial services also include a critical review of your paper, feedback, argumentation, and organisation of your academic paper.

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How the Process Works

Our academic consultants review your documents & create a quote

Our consultants carefully review and assess your document prior to providing any service recommendations or an exact quote. If you have feedback from your supervisors or committee and any formatting guidelines from your University, we will review those documents and take those into account as well. 

We arrive at a quote through a detailed tally of the document's specific editing requirements and formatting elements. We begin with the prose word count, multiplied by the rate for the chosen level of editing, then add the costs for references, footnotes/endnotes, tables, figures, table of contents, lists of tables and figures, etc. as applicable. This means that there is no one-size-fits-all price for editing and that the price we quote you is reflective of the actual work your document requires.

We Offer a Wide-Range of Editing Services


With our proofreading service, our professional editors will correct typos, spelling mistakes, and objective grammatical errors (£0.010/word–£0.020/word).

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This service is ideal for projects that have already been edited and need one final review to ensure 100% accuracy. Proofreading is frequently combined with our formatting services for the final presentation of a completed thesis.

Copy editing

With our copy editing service, our professional editors will correct typos, spelling mistakes, and objective errors, as well as “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors in academic style, voice, clarity, diction, and sentence-level flow (£0.020/word–£0.03/word).

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This service does not include a critical review of the document and constructive feedback that our line editing service offers. This service is ideal for individuals who have well-written papers that require minimal changes.

Line editing

With line editing, our professional editors will correct for all typos, spelling mistakes, and all objective errors, as well as “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors in academic style, voice, clarity, diction, and sentence-level flow. Our editors will also critically review your document and provide constructive feedback on argumentation and the structure/organisation of your academic paper (£0.03/word–£0.05/word).

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Line editing, our most commonly requested editorial service, takes full advantage of the doctoral-level expertise all of our editors have to offer. Our editors are equipped to assist scholars and academics with a variety of projects in need of developmental feedback, including early-stage doctoral proposals, thesis chapters, or an article in development for publication. 

Heavy developmental editing

With heavy developmental editing, our professional editors will correct all objective errors (grammar, spelling, punctuation), as well as “stylistic” or “rhetorical” errors (style, voice, clarity, diction, flow), and will also critically analyse your document in order to provide written feedback and concrete suggestions for further development of your argument, organization, and writing (£0.05/word–£0.07/word). 

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Our heavy developmental editing service is designed for those who either really struggle with writing and/or those who have lots of feedback from reviewers, committee members, or supervisors that they need help addressing. 

Samples of each of our editing services

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I wish to thank Thesis Editor Ltd and its staff for providing editorial and formatting services in support of finalising my doctoral thesis. These services were provided consistent with an agreed upon scope of work and timeframe. The quality of the work was excellent and the attention to detail was much appreciated. Without hesitation, I recommend anyone seeking support with their academic manuscript or other types of work products that require editorial review and formatting to speak with Dawn Leach, Director of Operations, Thesis Editor Ltd. I found Dawn to be very responsive and extremely helpful.

- - Kevin G. Rattue, University of Oxford. January 2021.

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Once we have all the guidelines and relevant information for your project, we will assess your materials and get back to you with our recommendations for service and a quote, including the turnaround time. If the proposed offer of services meets your needs, we can accept the first payment and begin the work. However, if you decide you would like to modify the proposed offer of services to better suit your needs, please let us know and we will adjust the order accordingly. We offer discounted retainer agreements for clients interested in working with us long-term.

The turnaround time for an order is in direct proportion to the order’s size and scope. A full-length thesis is generally completed within 10-14 business days from receipt of payment, while a shorter document, such as a chapter or two typically takes around 5 business days to complete. Expedited services are available for a proportionate fee.

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