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Analysing qualitative data is a time-consuming process. Let our experts do it for you.

Dr. Adrienne Dougherty, VP Statistics and Data Analysis

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Our Statisticians Will Help You Choose The Most Relevant Methods

All qualitative data requires coding to prepare it for meaningful analysis. Our statisticians help researchers develop a coding scheme from their data to generate variables that can be used in descriptive and inferential analysis.

A coding scheme can be developed in consultation with the data (inductive approach), or arrived at through the theoretical/conceptual framework adopted for the research study (deductive approach). In most cases, a mix of these approaches is used to arrive at a customized coding scheme specific to your data set and research questions.

Analysis of qualitative data may take the form of extracting relevant quotes, to creating a cross tabulation matrix to explore code associations. Our statistician’s help researchers choose the most relevant method of qualitative analysis, based on the individuals’ research questions and data.


Support with qualitative and mixed methods methodology

Our statisticians have doctoral-level experience with a wide-range of qualitative methodology techniques including case studies, focus groups, interviews, phenomenology, ethnography, storytelling, and participant observations. Our statisticians also conduct phone consultations to help clients identify the qualitative technique best suited to individual research questions and framework. Our methodologists ensure our clients are sufficiently prepared for interviews and focus groups, and asking the types of questions that will most effectively address their research questions. 

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Our PhD-Academic Consultants will review your documents (interviews, notes, surveys, transcripts) and develop a plan of action detailing the recommended next steps to get you moving forward with your qualitative analysis, along with a quote and the estimated turnaround time. Please contact us to receive more information about our qualitative analysis services.


"Thank you for you and your team's support in my final stages of finishing and polishing my doctoral dissertation. The timeliness, professionalism, and thoroughness of your team's work is extremely appreciated. Many thanks once again."

- Juan L.

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