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One of the first and most important steps in the research process is to identify a gap in the literature. An annotated bibliography is a delightfully systematic way to begin that process.

Dr. Anna Malik, Operations Manager

Let our PhD-Editors Create an Annotated Bibliography For You

This service is designed to help you chart a path through the abundance of existing research, locate gaps in the literature, and focus your work going forward, saving you considerable time and energy.

With this service, your editor will find peer-reviewed sources related to your project, read them in detail, and write 150-word summaries, outlining the main argument, findings, and how each source relates to your project, specifically. This will enable you to clearly identify gaps in the literature and gain a clearer picture of the current research in your area of interest. These summaries cannot be cut and pasted into your dissertation, as that would be plagiarism; however, they can be very useful when you are writing your literature review. This service is particularly helpful for students who are required to cite a certain number of sources published in the last 5 years in their thesis and need to update and expand their references to meet that criteria. When we make your bibliography for you, we can ensure that it meets whatever search criteria you require.

Having reviewed the work of Dr. Roda and his team, I have been very pleased with the results and confident that it has been a great benefit to our students.

- Dr. Bernard Bragen, Professor of Educational Leadership, Monmouth University

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Rates for our annotated bibliography service

Rates for our annotated bibliography service begin at £50 per source, with discounts on larger orders. The following options are the most frequently ordered packages:

  • 10 Source Annotated Bibliography: £400
  • 20 Source Annotated Bibliography: £750
  • 30 Source Annotated Bibliography: £1,100
  • 40 Source Annotated Bibliography: £1,400
  • 60 Source Annotated Bibliography: £2,000

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