It’s that time of year again: graduation! If you have a friend or loved one graduating college or graduate school, but don’t know what to get them, look no further – Thesis Editor has got your back. We’ve put together some fun and practical gifts for the newly minted graduate that won’t break the bank, either. If you don’t have a lot to spend, remember: it really is the thought that counts. After all of that work, they simply appreciate you recognizing their accomplishments and being there for them. If you have some money to spare, here are some gifts a grad will love.

Gift card to a clothing store. If your grad has a job lined up post-graduation, great! But do they have a work-appropriate wardrobe? Chances are, their budgets are a little stretched, so a gift card to a clothing store or website that has professional attire can be just the thing to help jump-start their work wardrobe and will be much appreciated.

Amazon gift card (or gift card to a local bookstore – support your indie bookstores whenever you can!). Especially if your graduate is headed to graduate school in the fall, a gift card for a bookstore (or Amazon) is always a good idea. Check out our favorite books on academic writing here for some suggestions to stick in the card for the grad, as well. It’s never too early to start building up a reference collection for writing – they’ll be grateful they did, later on!

Local gym membership. This is one of those gifts that the grad would maybe not buy for themselves, but as a gift, it’s really appreciated. Staying physically active is beneficial for their health and well-being, both physically and mentally, and can be a great stress reliever.

A really good coffeemaker and their favorite coffee. This might seem like a small thing, but for those of us who are coffee lovers, this is heaven – and can help save them money instead of buying coffee at the coffee shop every day. They’re not a coffee drinker? Not a problem – find out their favorite tea and get them a really nice tea infuser.

Gift card to Thesis Editor. Yes, it’s true! Thesis Editor has gift cards in any denomination of your choosing that people can use for a variety of services. Are they entering graduate school? Great! Maybe they want to save their card for dissertation proposal assistance or consultation services to discuss the possible direction of their research. Are they finished with school for a while? Not a problem – we also provide assistance with editing and formatting resumes and CVs, provide assistance with interview rehearsal, and can help with fellowship and internship application editing. If they finished grad school, we can help turn that dissertation or thesis into a bookContact us today to learn more about our comprehensive array of services and how to order a gift card.

What are your go-to graduation gifts? Did we miss any good ones?
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