There are all sorts of tools to help you with your graduate school journey: books, websites, blogs, and…podcasts? Yup, podcasts! For those of you who love being able to listen to podcasts while at the gym, on your commute, or while you’re relaxing, now you can listen to a podcast that will help you navigate graduate school and any questions you have about a whole range of topics for grad school and even beyond!

First, the basics: what is a podcast, for the uninitiated? It’s generally a series of episodes of audio files, like a digital serial radio show, almost. They’re generally focused broadly on a topic or a theme, and then each individual episode tackles something different. If you’re interested in a topic, there’s probably a podcast on it! You can find them from the App Store on your phone and download them, or you can go to the website and listen to them on your computer. Many are free, although some might have a nominal fee.

So what podcasts are out there for graduate students? Glad you asked – check these out!

Rock Your Research

Rock Your Research is a blog and a podcast that focuses on maintaining quality of life while still working hard in graduate school. They tackle work-life balance, academic and non-academic career options, boosting productivity, building relationships with mentors and committee members, and dissertation tips. They also have interviews with researchers, journal editors, and more.

Hello PhD

Hello PhD arose from two students who met at a grad school interview and ended up going to graduate school together. They put together a podcast for students, postdocs, faculty, and other students in order to share what they learned on their graduate school journey and to help others navigate this path. Topics covered include lab culture, publishing, funding, GREs, graduate school, time management, self-care and wellness, tenure, diversity, research, and more.

Blk + In Grad School

Blk + In Grad School is a podcast focused on women and people of color in grad school, and talking about what that’s like, what to expect, and learning from each other. The creator and host, Allanté, is in a PhD program herself and tackles topics like being organized, ups and downs of grad school, running a business, choosing to go to grad school, finances, and much more.

Double Shelix

This podcast focuses on women in STEM, grad school, and inclusive science. Episodes have covered what it’s like during your first year on the faculty, summer internships and research projects, pathways to graduate school, staying healthy in grad school, and more.

There are podcasts for specific graduate school communities, like those going to school for clinical psychology, those in MBA programs, those in STEM, students in the humanities – whatever you’re studying, there’s a podcast for it. All you have to do is google, and you’ll probably find one.

Podcasts are great, but sometimes you need some actual human, one-on-one guidance, and that’s where Thesis Editor comes in. If you’re having trouble brainstorming for research or editing a paper or project, contact us today! In addition to editing and formatting theses and dissertations, we provide a range of services for college, graduate school, and beyond. Let us help you get to where you want to be!


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It was a pleasure to count on their expertise. I cannot recommend it more! Very professional. Attention to detail. Always happy to help.

Thanks Dr Leach and Dr Musicha for everything!

- Patricia M Ortega

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