It’s July 31st! In addition to being a sign that the summer is winding down, it’s also Harry Potter’s birthday! Yup, he will be 39 years old this year, and the Harry Potter world of Hogwarts has been part of our cultural fabric for more than 20 years now, if you can believe it. (The first book was published in 1997). Whether you’ve read the books, seen the movies, or neither, chances are you’re at least vaguely familiar with the boy wizard and his world. JK Rowling’s story of being a single mother on government assistance and writing and planning the Harry Potter books, mostly in longhand, is legend by now and an inspiration to many a writer.

In order to celebrate this Gryffindor and take a break from working on your dissertation or thesis, why not do something Harry Potter-themed today? (It’s also fun for the whole family!) Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Create your own movie marathon. Pop some popcorn, order a pizza (or heat one up), change into some comfy clothes or PJs, get your favorite drinks and snacks, and hunker down for a Potter movie marathon. How far can you get in one day?

Find your Hogwarts house. There are plenty of quizzes to find out where the Sorting Hat would put you, but check out Pottermore’s quiz for the official say.

Revisit the books. It’s summer and you likely have a little more spare time than usual. If you’ve already read the HP books, revisit them! If you’ve never read them, there’s no time like the present. They are chock full of smart puns and things that are easy to look over the first time, so when you re-read it, there are always things to rediscover.

Create a feast fit for Hogwarts! Put together Slytherin snakes (gummy worms), Golden Snitches (Ferrero Rocher chocolate), Huffle[cheese]puffs, and more, for a Potter-themed meal everyone will enjoy. Check out this post for more ideas. In the mood for butterbeer? Here’s a recipe (nonalcoholic) everyone will love.

When you’re done celebrating Harry Potter and everything Hogwarts (most of us aren’t able to wave our magic wands and get our work done with a flick of the wrist), Thesis Editor is here to assist you in reaching your goals! We can’t do your work for you and we don’t promise magic, but we do offer a range of services, including consultations, editing, formatting, and data analysis, that can help you make your own magic! Contact us today to learn more.






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