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The APA 6th edition style guide is the most commonly used formatting and style guide for theses and dissertations—and it is also one of the most difficult to learn and implement accurately.

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APA 6th Edition formatting can be excruciatingly detailed and difficult to understand; however, the recent changes made in the 7th Edition are logical and easier to follow.

Dr. Bill Caskey
Managing Editor

Our editors are experienced and trained in APA style writing and formatting and will ensure that all components of your dissertation or thesis, including the table of contents, figures, tables, citations, references, etc., are in perfect APA format. Our formatting services are 100% guaranteed to be accurate and delivered on time.


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Our APA Style Formatting and Editing Services Include:

  • Proofreading for spelling, grammar, and proper APA style
  • Heavy editing for clarity, diction, flow, and scholarly tone
  • Formatting in-text citations and references per APA style
  • Formatting tables, figures, graphs, and charts per APA style
  • Formatting table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, and front pages per APA style
  • Formatting margins, fonts, pagination, and other typographical issues per APA style
  • Formatting headings, running head, and headers per APA style
  • Adjusting numbers, acronyms, titles, names, and other terms for consistency per APA style
  • PhD-level feedback on the strength of your content


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Using a Professionally-Trained APA Style Editor Can Save You Time

The APA 6th edition style manual is nearly 300 pages long and includes a plethora of details that can take years to master. Our PhD-educated editors are not only professionally trained in APA 6th edition style guidelines, but have edited and formatted hundreds of dissertations and theses per APA style. It may take someone less familiar with APA style several hours to format the same small document it would take our editors a few minutes to format. Let our editors save you time and energy by doing the formatting for you.


APA Style Editing Services

Along with formatting services, we offer comprehensive and meticulous APA editing services. From basic proofreading for punctuation to thorough line editing, our APA editing services will ensure that your thesis is error free and written according to APA style guidelines.


One-on-One PhD-Level Consultation

Are you struggling with writing your thesis? Our consultation services can guide you through the process and provide substantive feedback on all aspects of your dissertation or thesis. Unlike many other online services, all of our consultants have PhD’s and we offer one-on-one consultations over the phone, Skype, or in person. You can learn more about our consultation services here.

Having reviewed the work of Dr. Roda and his team, I have been very pleased with the results and confident that it has been a great benefit to our students.

- Dr. Bernard Bragen , Professor of Educational Leadership, Monmouth University

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