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We offer two categories of research services: (1) academic research assistance to help graduate students with the thesis or dissertation writing process; (2) research and original writing services for post-graduates, professionals, scholars, businesses, or other research projects that are not intended for academic submission.

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One of the first and most important steps in the research process is to identify a gap in the literature. An annotated bibliography is a delightfully systematic way to begin that process.

Dr. Anna Malik
Operations Manager

Research Services for Graduate Students

For graduate students, we offer an annotated bibliography service where we locate, organise, and summarise peer-reviewed journal articles relevant to our client’s projects. With this service, your editor will find peer-reviewed sources related to your project, read them in detail, and write 150-word summaries, outlining the main argument, findings, and how each source relates to your project. This will enable you to clearly identify gaps in the literature and gain a clearer picture of the current research in your area of interest. These summaries cannot be cut and pasted into your dissertation, as that would be plagiarism; however, they can be very useful when you are writing your literature review. This service is particularly helpful for students who are required to cite a certain number of sources published in the last 5 years in their thesis and need to update and expand their references to meet that criteria. When we make your bibliography for you, we can ensure that it meets whatever search criteria you require.


This service is designed to help you chart a path through the abundance of existing research and focus your work going forward, saving you considerable time and energy. Once you have analysed the summaries and incorporated the relevant sources into your dissertation, we can review your writing and provide detailed analysis and feedback as part of our line editing or heavy editing service.


Rates for this annotated bibliography service begin at £40.00 per source, with discounts on larger orders. See our Rates and Pricing page for discount options.


Research Services for Professionals and Scholars

We are a team of PhD-educated academics, writers, and researchers from a variety of backgrounds, including clinical psychology, social psychology, history, archaeology, medicine, philosophy, linguistics, art history, religious studies, theology, anthropology, business, and more. For more information, please see our publication assistance page.


Common Orders Include:

I was struggling with the incorporation of tables and figures into my thesis and my university provided no help. I found Thesis Editor by accident; I would recommend their service to anyone in similar difficulties.  They not only assisted with tables and figures but also with formatting according to UK requirements (I am an American non-resident student).  The response time was excellent and Dr. Dawn Leach always met strict deadlines.  Altogether an excellent way to get help with the details of the dissertation process.

- Ian D. , PhD FSA MAAA

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