During the dissertation writing process, we get a lot of clients who are aware of the value of editing, rewriting, and revising, but did you know that a final proofread is just as important as the initial editing, if not more so? When we work with a client, after the editing process (both line and then copy) is over and the client thinks they have the finished product ready to go, we will often suggest a final proofread and format order. This is not to pad the bill or prolong your order, but a highly recommended tool in order to ensure that your dissertation is professional, polished, adheres to all of your school’s guidelines, and is at the highest possible caliber. Each time a file is submitted to one of our client specialists, the work is carefully evaluated to determine the level of services that would be most beneficial at that time, all with the big picture in mind.

What is proofreading, you might ask? Proofreading focuses on spotting and correcting superficial errors of grammar, spelling, syntax, formatting, and punctuation. This is in contrast to editing, which typically takes a more in-depth approach to sentence structure, ideas, arguments, and organization. Proofreading is a last step, after all of the work of editing, revising, and rewriting has been done.

Proofreading is more than simply running a spell-check, which is why it’s always better to have someone other than yourself proofread. If you’ve spelled a word correctly but it’s the wrong version of the word, spell-check might not pick that up – but an editor will. If a sentence still doesn’t flow right or doesn’t convey your intended meaning, an editor will make surface fixes during a proofread. Grammar errors can be smoothed over and the editor will ensure that all of the formatting has been done according to the school instructions and appropriate formatting style.

Proofreading isn’t just confined to the dissertation or thesis process, though. When you write a business memo, professional paper, conference poster presentation, or business email, doing a quick proofread of your writing can help you catch any embarrassing spelling errors (thanks, autocorrect!) or glaring mistakes. Taking the extra minute or two for proofreading, for even these smaller documents, can mean the difference between appearing polished and professional or disorganized and harried. (If you are writing a professional paper or conference poster, Thesis Editor can help. Contact us today to find out how).

If you’ve been working on a dissertation, thesis, or other paper or presentation, sometimes a pair of fresh eyes can catch things you overlook. We’ve all been there: when we’re overly familiar with something, little mistakes slip through the cracks. That’s where a professional editor like those at Thesis Editor comes in. We comb through your document to ensure that you turn in a project free from errors that meets all the required standards. Contact us today to learn more about our services and discuss how we can get you where you want to be!

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Thesis Editor are experts with a heart of gold.

I received impressive service from Thesis Editor. I found them to be a bunch of professional experts with a heart of gold.

I'm a Doctorate student that is studying online. I needed assistance with data analysis and my internet search brought up Thesis Editor. Straight away I could tell that they were a high standard credible service and that I could trust them. They provided me a service that was beyond my expectations. They gave me knowledgeable experts to assist me with my data analysis. Not only did they provide me this incredible service, but they also took time to provide me the emotional support that I needed, because, online Doctorate studies is a very lonely journey. Sometimes you find yourself alone with your laptop.

Commonly, people with such high standards of service and skills are so proud of themselves and will not bother to care about the emotional well being of their customers. They will just be cutthroat, clinical and be no nonsense about their issues and yours.

That was not the case with Thesis Editor, they were not just about the money, but actually cared about the client. I'll be forever thankful to the staff of Thesis Editor

- Tebogo, M

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