With summertime upon us, it can be a great time to start a new fitness routine (if you have any doubts about your physical ability to do an activity, or have any physical issues, check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine). Yoga is an activity that can be appropriate for multiple levels of physical ability, and it also helps relieve stress. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit word "yuj" meaning "to join," "to unite," or “to yoke.” The practice of yoga is made up of multiple parts, including postures (often called asanas), concentration, meditation, and breathing. There are different kinds of yoga, and with all the various kinds of modifications, there’s something for almost everyone.

You don’t need much to start doing yoga. Here a few things that you might want to pick up before you begin your practice:

  • Yoga mat: Though this isn’t a necessity at home, it’s highly recommended, since it provides a non-skid surface for your poses

  • Breathable clothing: bike shorts and a tank top are ideal, since these let your body move freely and help keep you cool. Find what works for you!

  • Water bottle to keep next to you to stay hydrated

As time goes on, you might find you need some props like a strap or block to help with certain poses, or if you sweat a lot, you might want to keep a towel next to you for a quick wipe-down.

We know that being a graduate student often means you don’t have a ton of money to spend on joining a gym or signing up for yoga studio classes. No need to fret – there are plenty of free or low-cost apps to check out, as well as videos you can stream online. Here are some to start you off:

Asana Rebel (app)

This is a free app, with in-app purchases. It has a variety of yoga workouts ranging from 10-30 minutes each, different kinds of routines, and detailed tutorials. You can also connect with other users. There’s also a website with an online magazine.

Yoga and Meditation for a Peaceful Heart (video)

This video, by Kino MacGregor, the founder of OmStars, is a little less than a half hour, but is a great example of blending meditation and yoga, complete with a beautiful, relaxing, tropical background.

Yoga for Complete Beginners (video)

This video from Adriene from Yoga with Adriene is a short 20-minute workout that’s perfect for beginners who aren’t sure where to start.

Daily Yoga (app)

This app is free, but a subscription is roughly $10/month or $40/year. With more than 200 yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes, along with a website and community, this is one of the most comprehensive apps and well worth the money.

Remember, if you have any physical or medical conditions, talk with your doctor before starting any exercise routine, even if it’s a light yoga practice. While we can’t help you with asanas or meditation, Thesis Editor can help you with editing, formatting, and statistics to help you relieve stress! Get in touch with us today to see how we can be of assistance. Whether you’re just starting out and need some guidance or research assistance, or you’re in the thick of things and need editing and consultation, or need a final round of editing and formatting, we’ve got you covered!
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