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What is the benefit of using a firm like yours, rather than a freelance editor? Are your services confidential? Are you willing to sign a contract? How long does it take to edit a thesis? What if I no longer wish to work with my assigned editor or consultant? How do “free revisions” work? What if there are errors left in my edited copy? What level of editing will work best for my material? Is it possible to receive a sample edit of my own work? Do you have any samples of your work? Can I meet with my editor in person? Is it possible to speak with my editor or writer over the phone, Whatsapp, or Skype? Will you write any part of my dissertation for me? How does payment work? Is editing my thesis considered cheating?


What does the data analysis process consist of? What parts of the data analysis process do you help with? I am in a rush to finish my dissertation. Is it possible to skip some of the steps? How long does it take to finish an analysis? I just have a few simple questions I need answered. Can you help? What are your terms and conditions?

I was struggling with the incorporation of tables and figures into my thesis and my university provided no help. I found Thesis Editor by accident; I would recommend their service to anyone in similar difficulties.  They not only assisted with tables and figures but also with formatting according to UK requirements (I am an American non-resident student).  The response time was excellent and Dr. Dawn Leach always met strict deadlines.  Altogether an excellent way to get help with the details of the dissertation process.

- Ian D. , PhD FSA MAAA

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